What is an essay?

It is a formal piece of writing. An essay is usually small in size and it tends to deal with a single issue. Essays are written with an aim of persuading the reader through use of selected research evidence. An academic essay will come in three parts which tries to introduce and discuss a given topic. In order to tackle essay writing, you need to plan well and incorporate the different sections used in the essay writing. For example, you will have to write an introduction, the body of the essay and the conclusion. There are several tips you can apply to write an essay. It is necessary to review the tips before you embark on an essay writing adventure.

Parts of an essay


It is a section here you need to introduce the reader to the topic or idea you would like to discuss. The introduction section presents the argument in the form of a thesis statement. You need to follow all the guidelines when writing the introduction part. The introduction should be strong enough to make people interested in reading the essay to the end. It should cover different points in an introduction form so that people can know what they expect after they embark on reading the essay.

Body/middle section

It is the area where you will have to provide evidence and try to persuade the reader into accepting the writer’s particular point of view. In the body section you will have to include all evidence and discussions which will make people buy your way of thinking or the idea you are trying to present to them. You need to use paragraphs and sentences which flow so that people can follow the ideas in a logical manner.


It summarizes the content and the findings of the essay. In the conclusion you need to make people know you are ending your argument. Try to remind the readers of the main points you have covered in the body section so that they can finish reading your essay while keeping in mind your major arguments.

Tips when writing an essay

There are several tips you need to employ so that you can write an essay which will attract the attention of the readers and even earn you more marks if you are writing it as part of your academic requirements. Some of the tips you need to employ while writing the essay include the following:

Develop a topic

You need to read and understand the assignment requirement before you proceed to write the essay. Explore different background information before you start writing the essay. If you have been given a research topic by your tutor, then you need to work around such a topic. There are cases here you may be allowed to come up with your own topic and research after which you will write the essay. Ensure you have taken time to research on the given topic after which you will proceed to write the essay. Proper understanding of the topic is necessary to allow you make an informed argument while writing the essay. If possible, you need to decide on a topic where you are comfortable to write the essay.

Use scholarly sources to research

For you to come up with an acceptable essay, you need to carry out research and argue accordingly. The right argument to make should be backed by scholarly sources. There are several scholarly sources available out there, you can visit the library and gather the scholarly sources in a given filed or even read online book. Ensure you back up your evidence by citing the sources. All the sources you will use in writing the essay should be up to date and reliable.

Come up with a thesis statement

In the thesis statement, you need to outline the arguments which will form the base of your essay. You need to come up with strong arguments which will make scholars who will read your essay know you have a strong point to argue. Your research should be put into test here. Use the research materials to argue accordingly in the section where you will make many people get interested in reading your essay. There are some layouts you should follow when trying to create the essay. Ensure you follow the layouts in your essay writing process.

Write your essay while integrating the research evidence

In each essay you write, you need to attack your research evidence. You should have taken enough time to read books and scholarly publications in the same field. After you have mastered the different research materials, you need to proceed and white the essay while keeping in mind the necessary citations and the references you will be required to provide. Each reference you provide should be related to the topic. It is recommended to have a notebook and note down all the research materials you used in your research so that it can be easy while writing down the citation and references. The writing format you chose will also dictate the type of citation. Ensure you stick to a given writing format throughout the paper writing to avoid incidences where you can end up mixing things up.

Edit, review and revise the paper

Before you submit the essay, you need to go over it and correct any mistakes you may have made. For instance, when you were typing fast, you may make grammatical and structural errors which you need to correct. You should as well check on the stylistic errors and correct them as you write your essay. There are some online tools which you can use to correct grammar and typo errors. You can utilize such tools or have someone proofread the paper before you submit. You should be careful not to be late in your submission. In most cases, the essays will come with deadlines on when you are supposed to submit them. Get to work early and plan on how you can tackle the different sections of the paper before you decide to submit.

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